Community Outreach

Da Camera, Greek Odes, 2021-

Since 2021, Ms. Sham has led over 50 workshops in various HISD schools on the intersection of Greek history, classical harp, and poetry.

Da Camera, Music and Social Roles, 2021-

Since 2021, Ms. Sham has led over 30 workshops in various HISD schools on emotional connection and intrapersonal skills, in conjuction with chamber music performance.

Da Camera, Cultural Snapshots, 2021-

Since 2021, Ms. Sham has led over 20 workshops in various HISD schools on world history, culture, and acceptance of new traditions in our own worlds.

Da Camera, Finding Home, 2021

During March and April 2021, Ms. Sham will conduct a 5-week residency at Wharton Dual Language Academy, in which she will conduct folk music workshops entirely in Spanish. Students will learn about anthropology, geography, and music through this lesson, and will eventually compose a folk song of their own at the close of the program. Read more about Da Camera here.

Sviatoslav Richter Grant for Community Outreach, 2020

Ms. Sham most recently worked with multiple elementary schools to teach students about identity through culture, ethnicity, and music. Her project is outlined below:

My project will involve a program for solo harp that features music in a classroom setting for upper elementary school students. I will perform traditional dance music from six countries: United States of America, Argentina, Taiwan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

This performance will stimulate discussion of historical context and cultural values. The Children will also absorb information kinesthetically as they respond with clapping, stomping, swaying, snapping finger, or other small rhythmic exercises. My goal is to encourage children to grow an appreciation for the arts and recognize that musical and listening skills can relate to and enhance other areas of study in their life. I hope that they will also appreciate various international cultural values and connect with some of the historical events offered in my program.

Young Audiences of Houston, Arts for Learning Lab, 2018

During the summer of 2018, Ms. Sham worked with Young Audiences of Houston to train teachers in arts-integrated education. Read more about the project on YAH’s website here.

The Arts for Learning Lab (A.L.L.) is an educational partnership between Young Audiences of Houston and the University of Houston’s Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts with support from the Departments of Dance, Theater, and Center for Art & Social Engagement.  The certificate training program offers a pathway for artists interested in entering the arts-in-education field. The program consists of 45 contact hours of professional development training, field experience with master artists, and collaborations between artists and educators in designing an arts-integrated residency.

For the 2020-2021 cohort, A.L.L. will incorporate Dance, Theatre, and Visual Arts strategies into the curriculum and 2021-2022 expansion will include Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts, and Music.

St. Mark’s Episcopal School of Houston, Welcome to the Orchestra, 2017-2019

Ms. Sham created a program to introduce pre-school aged children to different instruments of the string orchestra family. Students sang, danced, and clapped to various pieces, learned how to play basic melodies on various instruments, and heard many different types of music, including classical, jazz, and pop.

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